7- 14 JULY 2017


This summer Theatre Hotel Courage will hold a 8 day intensive summer workshop in the heart of Amsterdam. The workshop is taught by the international Courage cast of directors, actors, and musicians.

"This workshop offers a journey towards aliveness on stage. Be prepared to laugh, cry, sweat and rejoice.” (Ben Rivers, director)

In this Summer Intensive you will research:

- Expansion of the imagination of the performer
- Embodied acting/performing
- Physical transformation/metamorphoses
- Dramatic motor/Dynamics of text/ Musicality and timing
- The source of playfulness
- Creating comedy out of tragedy and vice versa,
- Mask and archetypical characters
• Improvisation and scene composition
- Interaction with the audience.

Participation in the summer school is open to a wide variety of theatre professionals including directors, actors, musicians, and other varieties of theatre makers from around the world. 

 "This is pure theatrical magic...
Theatre Hotel Courage is a stripped down, immensely satisfying and highly enjoyable theatre. Just when we think the actors are about to perform a gag and raise a laugh, something else happens and we are brought away from the world of comedy, into the world of physical and corporeal poetry."
- Olly Crick (director, author and playwriter)

The fee: € 750,- (excl tax).
Date: 7th July until the 14th of July 2017 in Amsterdam
Hours 9:00 to 17:00
We can help to find you suitable accommodation 
You can apply by sending your motivation letter, resume, picture and address to: