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(c) Maarten van Haaff


Theatre Hotel Courage (THC) is the international theatre company of Katrien van Beurden. Together with her team, existing among others of Anne Fé de Boer, Remy van Kesteren, Sacha Muller, Thomas van Ouwerkerk and Peter Vigh, she collects the stories of people from all over the world. These stories are portrayed through her own theatre style using archetypical masks. These masks represent humanity with characters from all layers of our society, such as the old lady, the dictator, the manager and the refugee. 


The universal characters are played virtuoso by the actors. Together with the musicians they bring the collected stories to life in a completely empty space, using only mime, music and the masks. Stories about how everybody tries to survive in the world we all live in today. The theater of Theatre Hotel Courage is a virtuoso, non-rational and tragicomical theater that connects with playfulness and with that touched difficult and urgent subjects and makes them accessible for a broad audience. 

The past three years Theatre Hotel Courage traveled all over the world, using their own investments, asking the question: 

"If the world would be a hotel, what would be your position in this hotel and what archetypical mask would you be?”

 In the Netherlands, America, Iran, Ghana, India and Palestine they collected stories, characters and an international cast. In September 2017 the cast arrived in the Netherlands from all over the world to make all these personal stories into one fantastic theatre performance - ‘A Room with a View’ – which is set in an imaginary multicultural hotel. The imaginary hotel is a metaphor for our globalized world in which everyone has its position. In which everyone strives for a better life. In this hotel stories are shared playfully, (cultural) differences are shown and universal needs are being exposed.

“THC makes theater at a highly artistic level that is accessible to all layers of society; theater that knows an infinity of possibilities in playing, precise, hilarious, timely, vulnerable but mostly very alive and kicking. Van Beurden created a theater with her passion and enterprising company in which most divergent people come together; a unique harmony that is beautifully reflected on stage.”

Stef Collignon – CEO Amerborgh Nederland