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all-inclusive workshop on the Dutch country estate


SUMMER LAB (July 2019)

7-day Symposium LAB in the heart of Amsterdam

Participation in the Spring and Summer workshop is open to a wide variety of theatre professionals including directors, actors, musicians, and other varieties of theatre makers from around the world. 

You can apply by sending an email to



(3th till 9th June)

In this intensive training you will explore the technique and theatre form of Theatre Hotel Courage. THC is famous for its raw, poetic and comic theatre inspired on the Commedia dell’Arte in their completely unique modern style.


The training includes: physical transformation, acting emotions from the smallest to the most extreme possible expressions and the psychology of movement. You will work on imagination, musicality, creating comedy out of tragedy, playfulness, stage presence and timing of acting. One of the essential tools will be the archetypical comic-tragic masks. These masks unlock the creativity and imagination of the actor and make the body speak. Every action, thought, word and emotion is immediately seen and will turn into playfulness to create fully alive actors and characters, with all their passions, needs and flaws.

Theatre Hotel Courage has been teaching at diverse theatre schools, universities and conservatories around the world such as Tisch University New York, Codarts, Freedom Theatre Jenin and the American School of Dramatic Art.

The workshops of Courage offers you a journey towards aliveness on stage. Be prepared to laugh, cry, sweat and rejoice.”

- Ben Rivers (director)


The Spring Intensive is all-inclusive and takes place in an inspiring country estate in Friesland, one and a half hours from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Due to the individual and professional development of participants only 20 spots are available.



- Subscribe before April 1st –


Participation in the Spring and Summer workshop is open to a wide variety of theatre professionals including directors, actors, musicians, and other varieties of theatre makers from around the world. 


  • dates: 3th till 9th of June

  • location: Country estate in Nijhuizum, Friesland, The Netherlands

  • price*: €1050,- (ex VAT) 
    STUDENT/EARLY BIRD (subscribe before April 1st):  €950,- (ex VAT)
    *The price includes accomodation and meals.

This is a 7-day symposium LAB with a diversity of courses based on the THC embodied acting that will be researched  through mask play, film, voice and music. This is especially developed for theatre professionals that want to get into a research. You will combine acting techniques with theoretical research:

How does a filmmaker break down a scene into physical fragments of action?
How can analyzing a character be the motor for physical acting?
What storytelling techniques are there and how do they work for actors and singers?How did dramatic structures develop over the ages? Why do they still work?
This Courage LAB enables performers to unlock their bodies in order to find more playfulness and imagination, to broaden the horizon and enter new insights. Each day we will go strong on one particular ‘craft’ and focus on how you can connect that to you own work.The workshop will be taught by Theatre Hotel Courage’s artistic team and especially for this Courage LAB we invited our internationally known colleagues: 
Mimoun Oaissa (NL) – film acting
Giulia Filacanapa (IT ) - ass. prof. specialist of Commedia dell'Arte
Micaela Miranda (PT) - movement / Lecoq

"Theatre Hotel Courage brought a whole new level of skill and concentration to our work. The work is deadly serious and enormous fun. Katrien is concentrated, critical and compassionate. The work engages feelings way below conscious thought. I am proud to call her a colleague and a comrade."

Di Trevis, director National Theatre London / Royal Shakespeare Company

- Subscribe before April 1st –

Due to the individual and professional development of participants only 20 spots are available


  • dates: 22th till 28th of July

  • location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • worktime: 10h - 17h
    price*: €850,- (ex VAT) 
    STUDENT /EARLY BIRD (subscribe before April 1st): €750,- (ex VAT) 
    *Lunch and accomodation are not included. Upon request we can give directions to hotels or hostels in Amsterdam