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Three years ago Theatre Hotel Courage decided, led by Katrien van Beurden, to travel all over the world. They trained local actors in their own playing style with tragicomical masks that portrayed the universal characters such as the old lady, the macho and the shy boy. This travelling brought them to war zones, townships and big cities In Ghana, Iran, Palestine, India and America they collected the true stories of the players asking the question: "If the world would be a hotel, what would be your position in this hotel and what archetypical mask would you be?” 

The result is the virtuoso performance ’A Room with a View’, with an international cast of actors and musicians who tell tragicomical stories with a needed self-mockery in an empty space using mime, slapstick, live music, improvisation and poetry.  

In A Room with a View an hotel is shown in which all employees prepare for an important event. Two bosses battle to fight for who can please the guests the most, helped by the other employees of the hotel. 


Theatre Hotel Courage brings an ode to the survival instinct of mankind, which shows in the most heavy situations the largest creativity, playfulness and inventiveness.


Director and music director Katrien van Beurden

Concept: Katrien van Beurden

Cast: Anne Fé de Boer, Sacha Muller, Thomas van Ouwerkerk (the Netherlands) Alaa Shehada,  Saber Shreim (Palestine), Nii Kwartelai Quartey (Ghana), Khadijeh Khanfari Poor (Iran), Joey Donnelly (America), Aqil Dahhan (Iran/Irak/the Neterhaldns), Chandana Sarma (India)

Cast (rehearsal): Santino Slootweg

Composition: Remy van Kesteren, Peter Vigh, Arend Bruijn

Music: Remy van Kesteren, Dominique Vleeshouwers, Pieter de Koe, Tobias Borsboom

Mask maker: Den Durand

Assistent director: Maria Martpay, Collins Seymah Smith

Dramaturgy: Dennis Molendijk

Production: Anne Nuninga, Yvonne Guis, Charlotte Pas

Publicity: Alles voor de Kunsten, Kernteam Courage

Light design: Yuri Shredders
Costume design: Nola Pistach

Potography: Omar Iman

Sales: Alles voor de Kunsten (theaters), Katrien van Beurden (bijzondere locaties)

Thanks to: Micaele Miranda
Producer: Moondocs


8-11         Compagnietheater - Amsterdam  
9-11         Compagnietheater - Amsterdam 
10-11       Compagnietheater (première) - Amsterdam
11-11       Compagnietheater - Amsterdam
12-11       Compagnietheater - Amsterdam                              
23-11       Het Nationale Theater, Zaal3 - Den Haag 
24-11       Het Nationale Theater, Zaal3 - Den Haag 
25-11       Het Nationale Theater, Zaal3 - Den Haag   
28-11       COOL kunst en cultuur - Heerhugowaard
29-11       Hof 88 - Almelo 
30-11       Theater aan het vrijthof - Maastricht    
4-12         Vrijhof cultuur - Enschede
11-12       Compagnietheater - Amsterdam


*Besides the theatres, the show will be performed at special locations like: Hogere Hotelschool, Vrouwengevangenis Nieuwersluis, Voedselbank Leidschendam, Stayokay, sociale werkplaats, asielzoekerscentra and Buma Classical Convention.